Welcome to my blog!

My name is Oluwapelumi Akoni and I am also called “Ajixxxx” or “Ajiks” by family and friends.

I am ambivert and an extreme lover of partying (especially parties Nigerians popularly refered to as as “Owambe”).



I would literally do anything just to get dolled up and have fun. I live for it. So yeah, if you are a make up artist, designer, jewelry maker or a “creative” in any and every sense, Hit Me Up

I just concluded an important phase of my life, which was passing the bar finals, so yay to being called to the Nigerian Bar come December 2017 by God’s grace so you would be on point if you refer to me as “baby lawyer” (kidding, I wasn’t christened that at birth). I’m also about to begin a “mandatory” phase of my life (National Youth Service Corps) which my Nigerian Citizenship has inevitably bestowed upon me, so yeah I’m looking forward to serving my nation for a year in “Service and Humility”

I have nursed the idea of having a personal blog for a while but a lot of things put me off from starting but I’m glad my blog is up now. One of the things that prevented me from starting was lack of knowledge of getting a domain name, choosing a host company and deciding what platform was best for a beginner. I actually forgot that Google existed for a second and immediately I remembered, your guess is as good as mine, I utilized it to the best of my ability. I’m still a novice trying to figure how most of the things on my dashboard works but i know with time, I would hone my skills.

So here’s a little advice from Ajixxxx to you awesome readers:

If you’ve ever been totally clueless on a new venture or whatever, utilize google, filter the unnecessary information, streamline those that are important to your specific need, follow the directions strictly and voila, you are on you way to achieving your goal.

So that’s it for my first blog-post. I hope it was worth the read. Please drop your comments and I hope you come here more often.


There's love in sharing you know? So please share.


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