Registration at NYSC Orientation Camp: The Ultimate Guide


Registration at the NYSC orientation camp is energy draining so this article is to help reduce any stress or confusion you are likely to encounter on your first day at the NYSC orientation camp. Regardless of whatever tip I give here, I would advice you make inquiries from a batch/stream before you. It would be helpful if you get someone that also camped at the orientation camp you were posted to, as such information would be more specific.

Tip: the trick to finishing your registration in time is to be a lone wolf i.e. shun all pleasantries/familiarity until you are done.

The Ultimate Guide

Routine check: This is done immediately you arrive at camp gate. The inspecting official at the gate would ask for the four (4) documents your call-up letter specified to confirm that you have all that’s required for registration after which they proceed to check your luggage for contraband like iron, knife, electric kettle etc. To be on the safe side and avoid parting with your valuables,  I would advice you don’t take them to camp at all. After this is done, you can drag your luggage to the first stage of registration.

Queue for hostel/room/bed space: Depending on the time you arrive in camp, this could be  a long or short queue but be rest assured that it moves no matter how slow it seems. Being patient albeit swift is also key. Tip: You can go with your squad so you all can be in the same room after which you can go separate ways to hasten your registration process. Before going to camp, please make sure you get locks for all your luggage and put the documents you need for your registration in your handbag/clear file. Once you get a room, you would be asked to drop your luggage on your bed to prevent any form of hindrance so its wise to take the measures above.

E-registration: If you aren’t among the first to get to your orientation camp, you might be asked to wait a while before you proceed to this stage. Joining a queue at this stage is also quite inevitable. You are given a form to fill while on the queue and you most likely would be told to queue according to the different regions you schooled. It’s at this stage the ID card and statement of result from your university  is verified to confirm that you really finished from the school you claimed you finished from. Once this is verified, the officer that verified the documents signals on it, then you proceed to the actual e-registration spot and the officer in charge does your bio-metric authentication, asks for your green card and call up letter and signs on it. It’s at the stage you get your state code (keep this safe as you would need it through out camp and submit in exchange for your NYSC ID card at the end of orientation. You can go with an ID card holder for this purpose. A set of officers would be waiting to give you a branded project file to put your documents, a bio data form and an account opening form.

Account Opening Form: Endeavor to fill this before getting to wherever the banks have their tents and make sure you have your Bank Verification Number (BVN) saved somewhere or use code (*565*0#) to get it and put on the top of the form alongside you state code number then proceed to fill other necessary details. When you are done, you get a account opening clearance form which shows you have completed that stage. Keep it because you would need it for final registration with your platoon inspector.

Final Registration with Platoon Inspector: There’s a particular order in which you are to arrange your documents at this stage so you can wait till you get to the registration point and follow whatever instruction you are given. You wait your turn here depending on the number of people before you. Be sharp and alert here because platoon inspectors don’t have time for slow people so listen careful to whatever instructions you are given here and follow accordingly. A perforator is needed to make an hole in the file and your documents and a twine is needed to fasten your documents together. The bio-data form given to you at the e-registration would also be submitted at this point so ensure that you fill this carefully especially the (any other address column) as any address you fill there would be considered in giving you your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA).

NYSC Kit Collection: The NYSC kit it is usually distributed by an assistant platoon inspector alongside one or two platoon members that completed their registration early. The NYSC kit consists 2 round neck loosely fitted white T-shirts, 2 pair of white shorts, One NYSC crested vest, a pair of NYSC khaki (Jacket, Belt and trousers), a crested NYSC cap, a pair of Jungle boots, a pair of NYSC white tennis shoes. Most times, those in charge of sharing don’t look at the kit size before giving it out, so its either you get your size or something bigger. You can use a puppy/cute face to get the inspector to give you your appropriate size (this seldom works)  so the other option you have is to exchange. Stay around the point of sharing and announce/walk around to find someone with your size to exchange with. Once you get you right size, please use a permanent marker to write your name on all your personal belongings to prevent theft.

Whoop! You are finally done with registration, so its time to take off your “casual wear” and change into your white. Be happy and try to make the best of the 3 weeks.

BONUS: Right from the gate, a lot of people are there to rip you off you hard earned money. Please don’t fall for anybody saying, “this is the only thing NYSC officials” accept. Most, if not all that’s required of you is stated precisely in your call up letter.

For more information and clarification, visit the official NYSC website.

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