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What have I been up to?

I apologize for the long hiatus between blog posts. There is no valid reason for my inconsistency other than laziness to be honest. Lagos life in general has this annoying way of zapping zeal out of you after a tiring week and unfortunately, I have been allowing it.

So it’s been work mostly and nothing out of the ordinary. I think I am finally getting that work-life balance I craved for since work started. I am getting used to my new routine and my body seems to have adjusted too. Funny how I wake up before my alarm sounds on most days. Before starting work in January, I did not have a fixed “wake up time”. I woke up anytime I liked, probably trying to recover from stress bar finals put me through. One constant I noticed is that once you start a new routine, your body gets accustomed in no time.

How long does it take you to adjust to a lifestyle/routine?

Democracy day was a about a week ago and I went to Lekki Conservation Center (“LCC”) for the first time. I am late to the party yeah? So I will be giving you guys a little back story of how I decided to visit LCC. Earlier in the month, I saw a tweet by @Chydee on Twitter asking if he was the only Lagosian who had not been to LCC. To his surprise and mine, he was not the only one. Quite a number of people had not been there either. He went further to ask that those interested fill a Google form and voila, I filled and paid a tour fee for entrance, canopy walk and light refreshment.

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As the day drew nearer and final plans for the tour were sent to my email, I developed cold feet. I repeatedly asked myself if I really wanted to do this. I was ready to let go of the fee I paid for the tour. I resolved to chill at home, read my personal emails, press my phone and watch TV all day (sad life of an introvert). I developed cold feet and this happens a lot when I plan on meeting new people. I was scared of hanging out with new faces and thinking back now, I cannot explain the reason for such feeling. Thankfully, the “Ijebu” (frugal nature) in me came to play and that voice kept telling me that “owo o le jona” (my money cannot waste).

Have you ever gone on a tour with total strangers? How did it go?

Looking for what to do on the next public holiday that does not involve leaving home, you should totally binge watch this.

Before the d-day, a WhatsApp group was formed for the tour and a few people got acquainted. For those without cars, we formed groups and car pooled. The decision to car pool was a great as bonding started from the trip to LCC plus we all saved a lot of money on transportation. Yaay!

Rain almost spoilt our perfect plans but it did not succeed. It was an amazing experience. I discovered I was not scared of heights as I thought. I did not even panic throughout the canopy walk, though I got tired of walking at a point. I am glad I decided to go because my back-up plan would have ended up in a badly spent public holiday.

This past weekend was quite eventful too. I attended a wedding on Saturday and an anniversary on Sunday. I like that I utilized my weekend and had fun while at it.

My brother and I had unrealized plans of going to LCC but we never really decided. So he is pissed that I slied him (chuckles).

Check out the video I made of my day at LCC on YouTube.

For those that have perfected the art of balancing work with social life and other things, what effective tips do you implement?

Please drop a comment so I know I am not talking to myself.

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  1. Lmao …..”owo o le jona” has to be my best phrase in the write up.
    To think I’ve never been there too. It must be the next for my tour group.
    Your with total strangers….not really. Look forward to it. Thinking of tagging with irinajo one of these days.
    Write up 💯

    1. Lol 😂

      It was more fun that I expected with total strangers. No forming, no cliques, everyone was just happy.

      I also hope to go on tour with Irinajo soon. I wanted to go to Kajuru Castle with them earlier this year but I had other priorities.

      Pelumi Akoni

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