How I edit my Instagram Stories | Apps I use + Tips and Tricks

I am tired of always procrastinating and not putting up posts I plan to put up. I have had this post for the longest time in my drafts but I couldn’t bring myself to complete it. The main reason being I assumed that a lot of people already knew the apps people used for their Instagram stories but hey, there are still a lot of people in the dark.

Lately and frequently, a lot of people ask in my DMs what applications I use and how. So this post is me trying to explain the apps, tricks and tips I use to edit my Instagram stories.

When Instagram stories were launched, I was like “nah”. Why would Zuckberg even think of competing with Snapchat, the almighty Snapchat 😂? Well, a lot of people didn’t jump on the wave of IG stories as expected because Snapchat had and still has the best filters. Zuckberg being a shrewd business man deviced a way to force everyone to love IG stories and honestly, I’m happy he did.

The new IG feed algorithm has made content creators, bloggers, entrepreneurs and influencers device a means to constantly engage their audience on Instagram and IG stories is the most effective way as it gives you access to the behind the scenes of your favorite content creators.

Apps I use/ Tips and Tricks


The first time I used this on my stories, I got tons of DMs from people asking what app I used on my IG stories. The free templates are awesome and slick and if I am being honest, you really don’t need to pay for a template. However, if you like to be extra or just a perfectionist, you can buy any of the paid templates for N350.00 only. You have to be creative to get the best from this app.


This app is basically to make your videos fit into your stories. If you have enough space to accommodate it, then you should go for it.


With this app, you can use fancy fonts on your stories. The downside is that it is watermarked. Once you use it, the water mark “HypeType” appears. You can manipulate this by putting a sticker or GIF on the watermarked area.

Photo grid

This is a good alternative to Unfold. If you already have this app and there’s no space for an additional app, this should do all that unfold can do. The templates here are similar to what you find on unfold. Just that unfold is better for aesthetics. 😉

Inbuilt tools on Instastory

Fonts on Insta Story

There are about four different types of fonts on insta story but my favorite is the typewriter. I just love the way it looks. To get the best of the typewriter font, you can space out your text while typing.


This is a useful tip for android users or anyone with a keyboard that has various shapes. You can add the shapes (enlarge them) to your photos to make them prominent and catch attention.

The Brush

This is revealed when you click on the pencil icon on your stories.The brush is another tool on insta stories that can give your stories a different feel. You can increase or decrease the brush with the slider on the left to give your pictures what ever element you want. The brush can be used to create a signature that you can put on all your pictures.

The pencil

To get a plain background, click on the pencil icon, click on the first pencil style, choose a colour of your choice and hold your screen down. There you have it, a background with the colour of your choice. This trick can also be done for pictures that you want to give a blur elment. Go to your gallery, pick a picture, click on the penicl icon, click on the second pencil, then click on the colour you want, hold down your screen and the colour pops on the picture. You can click on the erase tool to give it a reveal effect to the picture or announce that you have a new post IG Feed.

Ombré text

Type your text, highlight then click on the colour you want. After this, you hold than the colour which reveals a spectrum and unhighlight your text backward. This has to be done simultaneously else you won’t get the ombré effect.



This app makes your videos vintage like. The downside is that all videos have to be recorded directly with the app.

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