Eko Living 001: Gypsys

It was my mum’s birthday so my brother and I decided to treat her to dinner ☺️. Since there’s been a lot of rave about Gypsys, I suggested that we go there and everyone was game. 

Gypsys is an Indian/Chinese restaurant so if you don’t eat Indian or Chinese food, this post and restaurant  isn’t for you, you could check out my review of Food Shack instead.

I believe the reason Gypsys is hidden (it’s located on an inner street in Ilupeju, not the popular Ilupeju bypass or town planning road) is because it was opened basically to serve the needs of the predominant Indian and Chinese residents in Ilupeju.

We arrived Gypsys at the time the waste people were taking out the garbage and the stench was bad. I think the management should find somewhere better to put the waste as it wasn’t nice seeing them pack the garbage as we were about to enter the restaurant.

It was still bright when we got there, but somehow, I didn’t take pictures at the amazing backdrop outside the restaurant.

We entered the restaurant and the waiters were so courteous. Immediately we sat, a waiter came to attend to us. He informed us that they had a dining area upstairs and we decided to dine there away from the prying eyes of the other guests downstairs.

Tip: if you are in a group and need privacy, the upper part of the restaurant is the best place to dine as they have round tables for 10 (it is best to book before going in). There is also a romantic spot for 2 upstairs too.

I must commend their services. It was quite prompt. This might have been because there was no crowd but still, the service was fast and efficient. 

We had Chicken Tikka and Chapman for starters.

This tasted really nice. It’s normally 6 pieces but the waiter gave us an extra one. I actually teased about including an extra piece but I didn’t expect that he would.

The onions didn’t taste nice though. I love raw onions but the sauce gave it this taste that didn’t go well with my taste buds.

Our main dish was Fried Vermicili In Singapore Style and Chicken in XO Sauce.

The Fried Vermicili in  and the sauce are the best I have ever tasted. I’m not exaggerating. Every other person commended the sauce. I’ll like to say that it was perfect. 

I took the remaining to work the next day and it tasted better than it did the previous day.

We settled for ice cream and Nutella Spring Roll for dessert. The ice cream was ok but the Nutella Spring Roll was too sugary. We couldn’t eat it at all so we abandoned it.

We pointed it out to the waiter. He said it had chocolate and that was how it was supposed to taste. He also promised to inform the Chef. So it’s either it did have a lot of Sugar or Im just a bush girl. 

Overall, it has a good ambience and it’s absolutely affordable. Their portions are large too. We spent 14,499 in total (tax inclusive) and we still took some away as I pointed out above.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely.

On a scale of 1-10, I’ll rate it a 7.

Con –  No music.

Pro– Cost effective for family or group gathering.

NB: this review is based on my experience and the peculiarity of my order. 

Location: 34A Gbolade Adebanjo St, Off Adefowope St, Behind Association Avenue, Ilupeju, Lagos.

Tel: 0818777449

Email: turtleafrica@hotmail.com

Please drop the name of other Chinese Restaurants in Lagos that serve nice and affordable meals.

Have you ever visited Gypsys? How was your experience?

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