Lunch at Food Shack

One of my goals this year like I said here was to visit new restaurants every month but a lot has changed since I had that goal. The major reason being that I resolved to be more responsible with my finances as lot of unexpected commitments came up.


Also, work happened and I am still trying to find that work/life balance. Mehn, I thought 9-5ers always exaggerated the stress they go through every weekday but I am in it now and it is not easy I must say. I still have the goal to visit new restaurants but there is no pressure to visit a certain number in a fixed time. I have resolved to go with the tide.

Then the perfect reason came up to go dine. It was my colleague’s birthday on the 12th of April and the Corp members (myself inclusive) decided to give her a treat on the 17th of April.

It was not easy deciding where to go to because my office is at the centre of all the cool spots in Lagos.

A colleague suggested Food Shack and we all went online to read reviews. A recurrent review was that the “wait time” to get orders ready was ridiculously slow and we did not have that luxury of time as we had limited time for break.

After a lot of back and forth, we eventually settled for Food Shack.

We called in to make our orders and that was when we discovered that the price on the menu online had been reviewed upwards.

Thank God we called.

We made our order about 20 minutes before we got there and we still had to wait for close to 30 minutes or more before our orders came.

Where is our food? 😭

We ordered for the following:

Spicy Chicken (Local) – 2,800

French Fries – 700

Shawarma Chicken – 1,900

Shack Prawns – 4,500

Jerk Goat Ribs – 3,000

Sweet Potato Fries – 700

Jalapeños – 150

Raspberry P Mojito – 350

Grapefruit Juice – 1,500

Orange Juice – 1,500

Sprite – 350

All prices are in Naira and for a serving.

My personal order was Spicy Chicken (Local) and Orange Juice.

Spicy Chicken (Local)

The Spicy Chicken is 200% spicy. If you have low tolerance rate for pepper, go for something else or request that the pepper be reduced. Just so you know, I turned red while eating the Spicy Chicken and that’s has never happened to me before while having a meal with a lot of pepper. Asides the excessive pepper, the Chicken tasted great.

I had the Orange Juice and it was freshly squeezed. It took a long time after the food had come for the drinks we ordered to come and that was pretty annoying. I excuse them for the delay because the Orange Juice was perfect.

Orange Juice

One thing I noticed when I got my Spicy Chicken was that it was different from pictures of it I saw online. The pictures online did not have the peppered stew on the Chicken so I wondered why that changed. Perhaps, it’s because I went for the Local Chicken instead of the Foreign one 🤷‍♀️.

Jerk Goat Ribs and Grape Fruit

Fries, Jalapeños and Jerk Goat Ribs

Their Menu to a large extent is fries so if you like to go African or Continental, I will advise that you pick somewhere else.

Drinks Menu.

Overall Assessment

It is a great place for light dining but they should work on the wait time for orders or at least give a time estimate and provide an appetizer like “nuts” to keep your mouth moving before orders are ready.

Asides the excessive pepper my Spicy Chicken had, everything we ordered was amazing. My colleague swore the Shawarma was the best he had ever tasted so if you love Shawarma like me, it’s a place you should include on your bucket. Most of the things on the Menu are reasonably priced and that’s a good deal for me.

If you go there when the crowd is light, you have the opportunity to connect your phone to their speakers and enjoy your playlist. We did not know about this until we were about to leave. We just vibed to what was playing.

They should get a office where the account officer and waiters work from. I noticed that the waiters were working from a table that was meant for customers. This might have probably been because it was a week day and the crowd was light but that does not make it right still.

The decor is amazing and they have both indoor and outdoor dining. The space they occupy is however small with limited parking space so you might have to park on Ologun Abaje if you go on a public holiday, weekend or a day when the traffic there is high.

Food Shack is located at 32A Ologun Abaje Road, Victoria Island, Lagos.

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