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I went to a Unity School (federal government owned institution) and I was in boarding school for 6 years, that was for the duration of my entire secondary education. I can’t deny the fact that I had a lot of amazing experiences but most of this came when I was in Senior school, most especially my pen-ultimate year and I guess same applies to most people that attended Boarding Schools. Unlike most juniors, I wasn’t bullied or made to go through hell, in fact I had a swell time as a junior student. I owe this to 2 cousins who were in their finals and who wouldn’t allow as little as a fly come my way. I lived the VIP life 😁.

Truth is I carefully avoided seniors back then in secondary school so I really didn’t have any bad experience so to say with any senior student.

However, there was this one time a senior I didn’t like forced me to the tulk shop to get something for her against my will. Well, because I didn’t like her, I gave her money to the Senior Boarding House Mistress who always had the back of junior students. My gist spread over the school like wild fire with every senior student asking why I did what I did. I felt really bad after the episode and questioning from different senior students didn’t help matters.

OK, so if you attended a boarding school and you have an experience/encounter to share, please drop your comments in the comment box below and if you are to shy to use your real name, please feel free to use a pseudonym. For those who were day students and have any experience a friend shared with you, feel free to drop such too and let’s make the comment section interactive.


There's love in sharing you know? So please share.


  1. I hated the collective punishment part of secondary school. if one person offends the whole class or dorm was gna be punished for it. it was really annoying and uncalled for
    and then again the duty allocation where someone is asked to Scrub Gutter. *eyes rolling*
    Secondary school was an amazing experience tho, no doubts.

  2. Lol. I went to the boarding house to chill, went in my final year. Not so much experience apart from the annoying Labor days on Saturdays and seniors getting punished for Juniors not doing their duties but the Juniors got punished for making us get punished. Wasn’t so bad sha. I’m not sending my child to a boarding house sha

  3. 😀😁😂, Secondary school was fun though, but those seniors were something else. Just feel there should be equality among all students and seniority should be abolished. Those seniors violated many of our rights as children then Jare.

  4. Loool. I suffered oh especially In junior school. I served punish
    ments like…sigh… mehn it was torture for me. And kinda fun too sha….. and I made sure I punished juniors too 😂😂😂

  5. Hehe. I didn’t really get into trouble jare cos everyone thought I was fragile due to small stature. I enjoyed best in SS1 cos the block-head was my bunkmate. All in all, boarding house was fun.

    Dharmie Jay

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