23 of my Favorite things for my 23rd Birthday

It’s my 23rd today and I am going to share 23 of my favorite things at the moment!

This year, like other years since my 10th birthday, I do not have any party or special activity planned to mark the day. The funny thing about planning for my birthday is that I usually have really great plans for my birthday at the beginning of a calendar year but somehow, I am not always able to achieve those plans as my birthday draws close. I think i would blame that on lack of funds or inadequate planning.

Well, this year, the plan was to have a weekend getaway at a really nice hotel in Lagos. The getaway was to start on Friday because today, my birthday is a Saturday. I planned on going solo for dinner at Noir then retire back to my room. Go to church on Sunday, check out of the hotel, go back home and prepare for a new week. Well, all those plans are in the trash can now.

So today, I decided to list my top 23 favorites of my life so far:

1. Favorite photo – My favorite photo changes as I grow and this picture has to be my favorite photo now yunno? Because I look absolutely stunning and nobody can tell me otherwise 😁.

2. Favorite blog post – I have few blog posts but that doesn’t stop me from having a favorite blog post 😉. My first blog post has to be my favorite because it generated the most comments so far on the blog and the love shown by everyone was surreal.

3. Favorite vacation – My favorite vacation has to be my excursion to Cotonou in Junior Secondary School. I had loads of fun and honestly didn’t want to return to school. Looking back, the most amazing thing about the excursion was trying out new food especially Couscous.

4. Favorite piece of jewelry – Wristwatch. The funny thing is I have just a few but I really can’t do without stepping out without a writwatch. The only time you are likely to see me without a wristwatch is if I rushed out in a hurry or I have silver accessories on (sadly, I don’t have a silver wrist-watch) 😞.

5. Favorite foot accessory – I absolutely love sandals because they are the most comfortable foot accessory for me. Other types of foot accessories are either too tight or make my feet ugly. With sandals, I never go wrong. The most comfortable pair of sandals I have ever worn were from the the official ziza.

6. Favorite colour – All shades of purple. Purple actually lives to its name by bringing out the royalty in me. I always look stunning whenever I am dressed in purple so there’s no way it’s not a favorite

7. Favorite genre of music – When it comes to music, I think I have a very terrible taste, but who cares yeah? I love “afro-pop” especially if it is in Yoruba.

8. Favorite Quote – it’s a Yoruba one and when translated, it means lack of time is what makes humans impatient, my dealings are in hands of God.

9. Favorite Nigerian Female Musician – Tiwa Savage; she’s such a hard worker and no year goes by without her having a hit song. Even the birth of her son, Jamil couldn’t hold her back.

10. Favorite Nigerian Male Musician – 2face; how this man has stayed relevant through the years is amazing. His ability to stay off the music scene for a while and come back with a hit is something I really admire. He’s a living legend.

11. Favourite spot in lagos – Twin waters. This building features 12 luxury stores, two fine-dining restaurants, four modern event suites, a rooftop bar and the very first ultimate gaming arcade in Nigeria, Rufus and Bee which is is the go to spot for many right now.

12. Favorite movie – this has to be “Coming America”. The combination of romance and comedy was excellent and all the actors delivered brilliantly. I don’t like re-watching movies but I have watched this over 10 times.

13. Favorite Nigerian actor – This can be no one else but Odunlade Adekola. I admire that fact that despite being a core Yoruba man that started out with Yoruba movies, he’s been accepted into the English movie industry in Nigeria and he’s doing just fine.

14. Favorite food – I love food to much to have a favorite but sea food does it for me anytime.

15. Favorite book – The runaway jury by John Grisham. I read this book in my first year in university and it gave the motivation I needed to prepare for my second year (this was the year I started taking law courses)

16. Favorite thing – tugging at my hair. Funny thing is that I do this unconsciously. I have tried severally to stop it as it takes a toll on my edges but it’s been difficult.

17. Favorite Nigerian TV show – Jenifas Diaries- though they are couple of developments i’ll like to see in this show, it’s my favorite because each episode has a lesson. I think that’s what movies are supposed to do; educate and this show does it for me.

18. Favorite moment in university – Even though I got to this event late, it’s a moment I would forever cherish. It was my cultural night at university and seeing my course-mates (now colleagues) adorned in clothing other than our regular black and white and in joyous moods made be happy. I have this weird attitude of being really excited when others are even if I am not having as much fun as they are.

19. Favorite beach – My favorite beach has to be “Atican beach” despite it being quite far from town. I like the fact that it is not as crowded as regular Lagos beaches even though it is a public beach.

20. Favorite song – “Kete Kete” by Ebenezer Obey. The song basically portrays how society tries to dictate how people should live their lives. This song is a favorite because it shows that at the end of the day, people can never be satisfied. So just live your ‘best life’ so far nobody is ought in the process.

21. Favorite Drink – My favorite drink is a fruit wine by the name “Jew”.

22. Favorite restaurant – this has to be “The Place” restaurant. It’s my favorite not because they have the best tasting delicacies but because they have a very wide menu.

23. Favorite Nigerian Youtuber– *drum roll* No other person than the versatile Sisi Yemmie of SisiYemmie.com. There are days I go to her channel just to binge watching her lifestyle videos. Also, on days I feel like a chef, I am on her channel looking for a new recipe to try out. I also admire her consistency over the years.

Let me know if we have anything in common in the comment section.

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  1. Happy birthday dear.
    The part of your favourite quote……… is it “aimasiko lo’n damu eda, oro mi lo’wo Oluwa lo wa”? I’m looking forward to your silver jubilee already, by fire by force, celebration must be live.
    I wish you long life and prosperity.
    Have a very nice day! xx

    1. Thank you Abby 😁. Glad to know we have something in common. Thanks for stopping by. Don’t forget to drop a comment on my Youtube Channel too 😘😘😘. Have a great day.

      Pelumi Akoni

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